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About Me

As a professional tutor, my methodology is to determine the student’s primary and secondary learning style and deploy the most effective methods and tactics to engage them. In my experience, this highly supportive and accessible approach yields the best results.

Prior to becoming a professional tutor, I had a 25+ year career in IT. As a business owner and consultant, I worked with over 15 different companies – both in the U.S. and abroad – learning new corporate cultures, hierarchies and work streams to maximize results. My primary responsibility was developing and conducting training for users at all levels, ensuring adoption and full understanding prior to program, project or system deployment.

As a graduate of DePauw University with a major in Computer Science and a minor in Mathematics, I worked the computer helpdesk and was a peer tutor in computers and math.

My passion for learning and teaching has guided not only my career decisions but also my personal pursuits. I am a voracious reader, enjoy competitive running, a wide variety of charitable work and have volunteered as a tutor in an adult reading program through my local library.


How It Works


Tutoring Options

I can either come to your home to tutor or I can meet the student at a local library for tutoring.

I use Tutor Ted's Guide to the ACT for the test prep book and up to 10 ACT practice tests.

ACT Prep


SAT Prep

Tutoring is $20/hr.  I recommend 1 1/2 hours a week for at least 9 weeks for ACT or SAT Prep.  There is also a one time fee for the test prep book. I recommend 1 hour twice a week for high school math tutoring.  However, we can adjust this to meet the student's needs.

I use Tutor Ted's Guide to the SAT for the test prep book and up to 10 SAT practice tests.

High School Math

I help with homework and putting together study guides for tests.


What Happy

Students &

Parents Say

Christine is a trained ACT tutor who has worked with my son for the past 2 months. Christine has helped provide a curriculum targeted to improve the areas that my son has struggled with on previous ACT tests. Her guidance and professional tutoring sessions have been very successful!  As a result,  my son actually improved his overall  test score by 2 points! My husband and I are truly grateful for all of her help. We are also so proud of our son and his continual effort!

- Melissa P.


Contact Me

I’m teaching in the West Suburbs of the Cleveland Area.

Tel: 408-316-3390 / Email:

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